A Theory in Motion takes a therapeutic approach to movement.  While grounded in the core principles of Pilates – breath, concentration, control, flow, centering and precision – A Theory in Motion blends the traditional Pilates method with other techniques to create healthy changes in the body. The result is a tranquil and caring environment where clients can recover from injury, develop strength and flexibility despite chronic ailments, and achieve physical goals they once believed were unattainable.

The instructors at A Theory In Motion are certified professionals, experienced in helping clients overcome physical limitations associated with a wide array of ailments and injuries. Safe and effective programs can be customized to suit the needs of each client, regardless of fitness level or ability. With a focus on movement education, clients are empowered to create healthy habits necessary to bring about lasting structural change and improve the function and quality of daily living.

We are a fully equipped studio proudly using equipment designed by:

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