Amazing recovery from back surgery!

It is always my hope that surgery can be prevented but in some cases, as with Andrea, surgery is inevitable. Abnormalities in her lumber spine had caused her to suffer chronic pain for years. To make matters worse, the hyper-mobility and joint laxity in her body seemed to prevent the local stabilizers of her spine from doing their job. But her commitment and dedication to our sessions and getting strong definitely paid off in the end. Within days after a very complicated surgery, she had returned to doing some of the basic movements her body already knew. She was already ahead of the game. Within months, she was back to doing things she wasn’t sure she ever would again.

I don’t think enough emphasis is placed on the importance of preparing the body for surgery. There is so much that can be done before going under the knife to increase the likelihood of a good outcome, and Andrea is the perfect example.


“Back in June 2009, I could not have imagined the long road I would be on with Tamara. My ongoing struggles to relieve the pain in my body, especially in my lower back, brought us together. Her expertise, concern, determination and encouragement guided me through the arduous preparation needed to ready my mind, body and spirit for a major back surgery in May 2014, Our goal was to ‘go in strong and come out stronger.’ Almost immediately, the results were beyond my expectations and have amazed my ‘team’ of doctors, OT’s and PT’s. Being referred to A Theory in Motion has truly been life changing.”

~Andrea A.

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